Condenser Pads

DiversiTech is the largest manufacturer of air conditioning condenser pads in North America.In the US, DiversiTech owns and manages distribution centers in Georgia and California,with manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Florida and Texas.The company’s European arm, DiversiTech UK Limited, operates distribution centers in Nottingham, England, while its relationship with East West Manufacturing allows the company to develop, engineer and manufacture products in China and Vietnam.

One way DiversiTech expands its product line is by acquiring other producers and manufacturers such as Devco Enterprises, Wagner Manufacturing, The Black Pad, Hef-T-Pad and Specialty Chemicals.

UltraLite® is strengthened by miles of fiber in each square foot of fiber-cement coating. This fiber allows the pad to flex instead of cracking or breaking. The textured surface prevents the condensing unit or portable generator from sliding, and allows water drainage, while the engineered encapsulated polystyrene (EPS) core prevents warping and provides a solid bottom to resist settling. Unaffected by soil conditions, ultraviolet (UV) light, temperature extremes, and other weather conditions.