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Triple “D”™ is a Universal Coil Cleaner™ suitable for use on condenser and evaporator coils. It is metal safe and does not attack aluminum or copper coil components, extending equipment life and diminishing potential for refrigerant leaks. Triple “D”™ is available in a package to fit any contractors needs — super concentrated liquid, pre-mixed trigger sprayer, convenient aerosol, and industry leading Granular Coil Cleaner™. In liquid form, Triple “D”™ is super concentrated. A single gallon of concentrate makes 75% more mixed coil cleaner than conventional concentrations. The liquid concentrate is also NSF Registered. This assures that Triple “D”™is safe as a cleaner in restaurants, hospitals, government institutions, and any food preparation area (rinse thoroughly after use). Triple “D”™ is a safer, more versatile product than conventional acid or non-acid coil cleaners. One product does it all — truly a Universal Coil Cleaner™.

A flushing solvent for A/C and refrigeration systems formulated for R-410a retrofits, refrigerant conversions and compressor burnouts. Compatible with all refrigerants and compressor oils. All solvents in Pro-Flush™ are non-VOC and conform to EPA SNAP standards: low toxicity and residue-free.  Pro-Flush™ is available as a kit or in a 16 oz. solvent refill. The kit makes servicing quick, easy, and safe, as well as assuring you get to the job site with all necessary hardware in hand for 1-stop servicing. The kit includes:
16 oz. container of Pro-Flush™ solvent, refillable Pro-Flush™ injector tool pressure tank, pressure relief valve for added safety, large rubber adapter that flushes up to 1 -1/4” line sets, service hose.

EZ MIX™ BLUE is a concentrated, granular fast acting product that foams and lifts away stubborn deposits from air-cooled condensers and coils. EZ MIX™ BLUE is formulated to provide an easy to use cleaner that is functionally equivalent to conventional liquid concentrated condenser coil cleaners when mixed as directed. Its foaming and penetrating action removes dirt, lint, grease and environmental debris tarnish and corrosion deposits, and leaves a bright clean shine on aluminum and copper coils.